Ayam bakar madu berempah



1. Shallots, I used 2 nos of medium size.#

2. Garlic, I used 2 cloves.#

3. Ginger, thumb size.#

4. 2Tbs curry powder.

5. 2tbs chili paste.

6. Small size of shrim paste.#

7. Lime or lemon, 1 nos.

8. Honey, I used half cup.

9. Salt

10. I used 2 pcs of chicken.


Blend all the # items above.

Marinate chicken with all the blended items .

Squeeze lemon/lime on the chicken.

add in salt, honey, curry powder, chilies paste and curry leaves. Let the chicken marinated for overnight.

Bake in the oven or used the convertional method like me..hehehe




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